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2XL. With the automation of the warehouse processes as well as the use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) the Belgian logistics provider 2XL N.V. has modified his bulk warehouse into a consolidation warehouse. The automation solution of SSI Schäfer and the AGV-specialist MoTuM offers 2XL the necessary flexibility and efficiency – and also ensures an optimal inventory management, fast order processing and high throughput.

Longchamp, manufacturer of luxury leather goods, provided a new building to extend its picking activities in the distribution center at Segré (F). MoTuM provided the AGV-system to replenish the picking locations. The solution ensures an optimised footprint by maintaining an open work floor while operations are secured by separating the picking aisle from the replenishment aisle. For the 2 shift operation a return on investments of 2 years is guaranteed.

2Pick (Piece Picking) from MoTuM is the perfect automated guided vehicle (AGV) for a person-to-goods picking environment.The 2Pick AGV carriers totes for piece picking and guides the picking operator to the different picking locations. The WMS interface indicates the quantity to pick and the tote to pick to. The main advantages of this AGV-supported process compared to manual picking are:

  • Hight efficiency
  • Reduced walking distances
  • Ergonomic
  • High safety standards
  • Paperless

Another type of 2Pick solution for Case Picking is also available carrying heavy loads such as pallets or roller containers.

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